Maintenance Fee

Haus On Handy Maintenance Fee

No. of RoomsUnit TypeShare ValueEstimated Maintenance Fee(Before GST)
1 BedroomA1, A2a, A2b, A2b(d), A3, A3(d), A3(p)5$580
1 Bedroom + StudyA4Sa/b/c/d, A4Sb,c,d(d), A4Sb,c,d(p)5$580
2 BedroomB1, B2, B2(p), B3, B3(d), B3(p), B4, B4(d), B4(p), B5, B5(d), B5(p), B6, B6(d), B6(p), B76$696
2 Bedroom + StudyB8S, B8S(d), B8S(p), B9S, B10S, B10S(p), B11S, B11S(d), B11S(p)6$696
3 BedroomC1, C1(d), C1(p), C2, C2(d), C2(p)6$696
3 Bedroom Dual KeyC3DK6$696

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For unit prices, see Haus On Handy’s Pricing Chart

For available units, see Haus On Handy’s Balance Units Chart

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